TESTIMONIALS – Headstart Financials Ltd

Headstart Financials has been an incredible asset to our small business. We have been working with them for about four months now. Already, they’ve made some significant changes to our systems to help streamline invoicing, billing, and monitoring cash flow - the impact for us has been huge! 


Headstart Financials really understands finances and the challenges that small businesses face, and how to set a business up for stability and success. Wei Leng is great at bridging the small details with the bigger picture of the business. She is proactive, knowledgeable, and fun and easy to work with, besides! We'd highly recommend her to any small business looking to improve their finances or financial processes!  

Kate G.

San Francisco, US

I started my own online business 1 year ago, which has seen an extremely fast growth rate in this time. Due to this, certain processes that should have been started when the company started, ended up being pushed back until half way through the year as we simply didn’t have the resources to deal with it all. Keeping up with growth came first.

One of the things that was left behind was accounting and looking after the finances of the business. It was only until we crossed the VAT threshold within 6 months of the business starting, that I knew I needed help.

I wasn’t quite sure who to hire for this job or what it entailed but I came across Headstart Financials who stood out above the rest. 

The other providers promised all of the basics that I needed but Wei Leng understood the needs of my business beyond the basic monthly figures.

Also being an e-commerce business, Headstart Financials was able to offer a great understanding of my business. Therefore, I feel like we have more of a business partnering arrangement rather than being handed a set of figures and left to my own devices. Don’t get me wrong, having a perfect set of figures and a consultation each month is great, but having the advice that comes along with these figures, along with the ability to reach out and contact her at anytime with any concerns relating to my business finances is really what makes this partnership so valuable to me and my business.

I am more than happy to recommend Headstart Financials to anyone who is in need of these types of services.

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Robert M.

London, UK